For more than 25 years the company Brovapharma is a number one manufacturer of veterinary preparations in Ukrainian market, both in quality and quantity of registered preparations. Its products arewell-known to not only Ukrainian veterinarians and animal breeders, more than the third part of products is exported to 18 world countries.


On a regular basis the company participates in international exhibitions and is award-winning for the products’ quality. In particular, the company has won awards like "The best home product"; The international prize "European Quality" For Aspiration To Achieve The High Quality In Accordance With The European Standarts (Oxford, England); Agroworld Uzbekistan for the best innovative veterinary products and equipments, LTD (Tashkent, Uzbekistan); The Golden Europe Award For Quality (New Millenium Award) as a recognition for its trajectory and business excellence (Paris, France) and others.



The staff of the company includes doctors and candidates of sciences, who carry out research on existing and future preparations. The company is working closely with scientists from leading research and educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries. In recent years, the company received 40 patents, published 36 textbooks and practical manuals, as well as about 100 guidelines for veterinary medicine.


The company’s portfolio includes more than 140 kinds of medicines for animals, including antiparasitic, antimicrobial, desinfectants, preparations for the reproductive organs and care of the mammary gland, for anesthesia and relaxation, vitamin-mineral complexes, etc. The products are produced in the form of sterile injectable solutions, soluble emulsions, powders, microgranules, tablets, boluses, capsules, ointments, gels and other forms.



New production area of 3000 sq. m. allows manufacturing products in compliance with GMP standards. Advanced equipment of the plant allows production of liquid preparations in plastic vials in the amount of 3000 pieces per hour.



Brovapharma uses the most advanced and high-performance developments in the field of veterinary medicine, provides the highest quality and environmental safety of animal products. The company manufactures drugs that are not excreted with milk. For the production of liquid medicines the company uses the innovative packaging  plastic ampouls and vials made of Pharmalene polyethylene, which is characterized by high rigidity and resistance to physical and chemical exposure, and that corresponds to the international pharmaceutical and biological requirements.



18 A, Nezalezhnosti blvd., Brovary, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 07400

 Tel.: +380 4594 6-63-20
          +380 44 599-32-27 
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